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HomeMade Weapons


Homemade Darts and Barrels

 Crayola barrel- Take out the inside of a big Crayola marker. Take off the caps at both ends to get the marker stuff out. This is good for shooting micro darts and stefens.

Stefans-These are homemade darts that are much cheaper than buying darts from stores. They were first designed and made by Stefan of Nerf Complete. Here are the items you will need to make these.

1/2 Foam Backer rod ( for micro stefans)

5/8 Foam Backer Rod (for Mega Stefans)

Hot Glue gun with glue

BB's or 1/4 slingshot ammo

Hair dryer

Scissors or a knife

  How to make them--

Cut out the foam into 8 inch segments for micro darts, or 12 inch segments for mega darts. Each segment will make 4 darts. Use a sharpie to mark where you will cut the darts later. Use a hair dryer to straighten each segment. Cut the darts where you marked them earlier. Your Hot Glue gun should be heated up by now.insert one end of the stefan on the glue gun barrel. This should make a hole through the stefan. Insert two bbs, or one sling shot weight, into the hole you just made in the stefan. Put hot glue over the bbs. Let the glue dry. Thats how you make a stefan.


This is what it should look like.



The Film Canister Grenade
You will need the following items:
1 film canister with the lid
1 Maverick or Scout Spring, or spring of same size
1 Plastic soda bottle lid
3 Very small 1/2 stefan's
Step One:  Take the Plastic soda bottle lid, grab a knife, and cut off the little ridge around the opening.
Step two: Insert the 3 stefan's in to the bottle cap with the glue/weight facing out.
Step Three: Put the spring in the Canister. Place the Soda Bottle Cap over the spring, then push it in.
Step Four: place the Film Canister cap over the bottle cap and there you have it.
To Fire: Either aim the cap at someone, and pop the cap off.
              Or lift the cap slightly, and throw the Grenade.
The basic Design of this was originally done/built by:


The Barricade Buster
This is a working Nerf grenade, that can be loaded with MANY stefans, or 3 nerf balls.  It is constructed from a folding frisbee, (It's a very thin cloth-like frisbee, with a circle wire around the end, so it can be folded up,) It is folded in half, filled with as many stefans as possible, then, folded back into a "ball". Once thrown, the frisbee opens up and flings the stefans forward.

Depending on the Tightness of the fold,  can be thrown and explode in mid flight, or set to explode after impact.  It can spew stefans over a very large radious, and when thrown, almost ALL of the stefans fly straight.  It's perfect for throwing around corners, over bases and barricades,  a suicide charge, and stopping people from rushing. it could also be thrown up high into the air, and rain stefans down upon the enemy.
Jester and I created this around 2-3 years ago, but used nerf balls with it, so it wasn't very practical. But a few months ago, I found the frisbee's from before, and filled it with stefans, and was amazed at how well it shot them out, and how they all flew forward. I've used this in some wars, and it's very effective against, barricades, and charging opponents.
Some Video's of the Grenade:
Note: the grenade is filled with 1& 1/2 inch stefans, so filling it it smaller stefans would prove to have an even more devestating effect.  :D

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