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RapidFire20- This mod will make your rapid fire20 a whole lot lighter.Unscrew every screw on the black part.Pull it off. Put a piece of cardboard inbetween the red thing on the left side of the gun to get it to shoot rapidfire. If the red switch is down it will shoot rapidfire, if it is up it will shoot single fire.

Lock N Load- This mod will make your Lock N Load shoot micros but still allow it to shoot mega Darts. Use needle-nose pliers to twist off the little orange pole in the barrel. Take a Crayola barrel  and cover the outside with duct tape until it fits snug inside the Lock N Load barrel. You can now shoot micro darts with your Lock N Load. Take out the crayola barrel to shoot mega darts again.

Supermaxx 5000- Take the barrel that shoots arrows. Take a x-acto knife or a screwdriver to yank/cut out the orange tip.Your Supermaxx can now fire micros at amazing speeds.

Airtech 1000- Take a screwdrive and unscrew/ pry off the orange 4 barrel rotating part. Put a little bit of hotglue to keep the top black hole stable. Then, glue a crayola barrel (details to make one below) onto that black hole. Make sure it is airtight. There you have it, this mod makes your airtech 1000 shoot twice as far as before. After the mod, I put a spare piece of PETG on the back of the gun so it will be easier to cock.

Fastblast- Unscrew all of the screws on the gun, except the ones on the handle. Take the orange barrel piece. Take a knife and cut out the "+" shaped air restrictors. This will increase range and allow you to fire stefans.


Mod Write-ups With Pictures Below

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