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Renegade Nerf

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I've opened the Renegade Nerf Store. Show your support,and buy some merch!


Renegade Nerf Version 2.0


Haven't updated for a while. We (Clan and I) are creating Chaos Nerf. Think of it as Renegade Nerf on the roids. MORE content and MORE everything. The site's development is complete and we will be adding content to there, and release it within the next month or so.Expect more from the best, Renegade.


The old RN can be seen here:



Old Renegade Nerf

Hi, welcome to Renegade Nerf. There are reviews, mods, tactics, and more. feel free to look around and explore the site.
            NERF ON!

Contact Renegade
You can contact me at my AIM sn wolfwood646 or email me at my link below.


The home of the (almost) famous Renegade