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Tales of Foamy, Death and Destruction.

 The Flying Nerfer   by: Brandon Gleason

This story begins at an indoor basement pistol war. The room is set up with 2 bases;: the first is the stairs to the upper level, the second is on the other end of the room with a couch barricade and a couple of blockade chairs. In the middle of the room was a pool table that was good to go commando behind. There were 3 people on each team all with a pistol (obviously) unfortunately there were only so many good pistols. One of my team members was left with a choice, the scout IX-3 or a secret strike pocket blaster, he grabbed the pocket blaster. We kinda sat there with a confused look on our faces when someone said "Use the scout!" we all agreed, but he said "No, no, it is way too heavy for me." Yet again we disagreed but eventually he won. He said just before the war "I'm going to fly." I thought nothing of it and we started the war. After a few shots were fired, all of a sudden he shouted out a battle cry and dove over the couch and behind the pool table. We all laughed thinking "That was awesome!." We ended up winning the war and he used this tactic multiple times after this with only one time being hit.

Dart Tag Blaster War By: Renegade

I was warring against my dad, in my backyard, at night, there were some outdoor-lights, so the playing field was still visible. We each had one Dart Tag Gun, and the special Dart Tag Vests.  I ran to a tree during the start of the war for some cover.  He was about 10 feet away, popping off shots, at me.  I fired a shot or two to keep him back. I peek my head around the tree only, to be greeted by a dart right to the forehead, (to win, you needed to land a dart on the opponent's vest, so I was still in) , I wince at the stinging feeling of the hit, and hear more darts whizzing past the tree, and bouncing off the fence behind me. I reload with the ammo he shot, run, while crouching to the right of the tree. I run for it, dodging dart, after dart, and shoot., he shoots also. I look forward to see a dart Sticking to his vest, I cheer, for my victory,  but looked down, to a dart sticking out of my vest also. 

The War that I Actually Won: By NerfMonkey

(DATE UNKNOWN)-Sqiggs and I were warring at my house. My battlegrounds. My turf. I had a Nite Finder and an AT2K singled. This war was all about firepower. I was of course carrying my 2K with about five darts in it, and my NF with two. I had an RF20 back in my fort (or fortress rather-it was impenetrable). He had his quad barreled 2K, modded Maverick, singled 2K and Nite Finder Tek9, all of this with a Secret Strike Pocket Blaster for a holdout.
The odds were against him. He was up against two shotguns and a twenty-shot assault rifle. I had about seven or eight darts lined up on the inside of the front door of my fort. I should’ve carried them with me, but I was too caught up in making sure that my fort had everything it needed-a door (about an eighteen inch high cabinet door on the dry sink that was open and I could crouch behind, along with the bathroom door with about an eight inch opening between it and the hallway wall when it was open) and a short-ranged assault rifle for base defense or emergencies and I wanted to keep the darts there.
So, Sqiggs’s fort was a small two-walled half square with a video game chair, a foam pad from the pull-out sofa bed and the couch as another wall. The back and one side were open for me to rush in there, and I was dying to get at his stash of ammo, which was lying right in the open on the chair. As I went in there with my NF and 2K ready to attack, Sqiggs had managed to sneak around behind me somehow and when I went to his fort with my guns at the ready, he was gone. He saw me, shot at me and chased me out, then ran back in to make sure nothing was missing.
I waited in another room for a few minutes, then when I saw the top of his head sticking over the top of his fort, I shot with my NF, this time with only one dart, hitting him in the head. I ran in ready to kill him and he made a suicide move and ran out of his fort, charging with a Maverick, running toward the steps, and I had to take cover before he hit me. There was no time, so I dove out of his way and army crawled my way over to the office, and when I finally peeked out over the arm of the couch, he was gone. I didn’t know where he was, so I cautiously went back to my fort to be safe. Then, when I mustered up the courage to go back, I checked his fort. I didn’t know where he was. But I then heard a sound-the sound of an extremely creaky staircase. He was on the top step.
Now that I had him trapped up there, I ran over and did a quick search for ammunition. I found around fifteen darts, all on the chair in the open, and I grabbed them, stuffed them hastily into my pockets and ran. Then I went to the bottom of the steps, poked my gun around the corner and took a shot. I missed, of course, and he took the opportunity and moved to the railing, peered down at me and took a shot with the Pocket Blaster, all he had left, missing my face by inches.
There was no other way, so I just waited downstairs in my fort, mentally preparing myself for the intense firefight that was sure to ensue, and by the time he finally came down, I was ready. I heard, quietly but quite clearly, “Sh*t.” I knew he had come down and noticed his darts gone. I took this perfect opportunity, and ran out, ready for some action, and he surprised me by hitting me dead in the chest with his SSPB. So I naturally retreated and took cover around a corner in the hallway outside the lower bathroom. This time, I was ready to kill him. He had shot me and I was mad.
I quickly and quietly ran in, zigzagging all over the place. He shot, missing this time by at least two feet and I hit him right in the chest with a well-placed shot from my Nite Finder. He was dead.


The Stefanless War By: NerfMonkey

(DATE UNKNOWN)-We were over at my friend Alex’s house having a Nerf war. I didn’t know the terrain. Alex and my other friend knew the area perfectly. This was their turf.
This time, there were no teams; it was just an all out brawl. A free-for-all where everyone carried all the weapons they wanted. Alex had built a huge fortress with a tunnel, two entrances, an ammo stash and a sniping tower. My other friend had a small but nice base. It was easy for him to shoot out of and impossible for me to shoot in.
But it had one weakness- it was impossible to get in and out of fast. Alex’s fort also had a flaw. While he was getting ammo out of the tunnel, he was vulnerable. But my fort, it was the best by far. It consisted of a ping-pong table that was folded into a triangle with one side open by a wall so I could get in and out quick if needed. The other side had cushions, two video game chairs and a swiveling bar stool with a back.
One of us started counting down from sixty seconds. I wasn’t sure who. By the time he had reached thirty, I had grabbed all my ammo and weapons and dashed to my base. “Twenty-five”-loading my guns-“Fifteen”-getting into position-“Five, four, three, two, one…Start!” I could immediately hear darts whistling past my head (this was before I got into modding guns so we were using sonic micros).
I knew I would be dead real quick like this, so I grabbed some extra micros, stuffed them into my pocket and ran out. I took a quick shot at my friend, who was trying to squirm out of his base and missed. Then I jumped into my swiveling chair, turned until I was locked on Alex’s head and shot.
I was thinking to myself, “Did I hit him? Is he gone?” A scream of anger and pain answered my questions. I ran over there and with a triumphant smile on my face yelled out, “I did it! You suck Alex!"But wait a second, no, he was still out there somewhere, but where? I turned around and looked up just in time to see straight down the barrel of a Vortex Tornado. I shut my eyes and waited for the fatal blow. BOOM! I had lost.

The "other" Stefanless War -- By Zach

It was the average summer. To be specific August. Same old, same old. Daniel, Dustin, Christian, and I were just innocent Nerfers. Heck, we didn't know about stefans, the forums, or even modding. We played Nerf in its purest form. No mods, no posting, o flame wars. No posts either. We didn't spend time online. We just Nerfed.

We have had many crusades, our earliest one on the 6th of August. On that war we only had a Maxshot, a Big Salvo, a Nitefinder,
and a Secret Strike Pocket Blaster. Enough weapons for each of us to have. It may have been smaller, but to us it was like Apoc. No rules except we can't shoot the genital area abd if we are shot we are out until the next round. We ran around shooting each other. Dustin was so good with the Maxshot he was picking us off one by one in round 1. Then in round 2 I got lucky and the wind amplified my concentrated Salvo blast into a flurry that took out Daniel and Cristian in one pull of the trigger. I won right? Yes, but it wasn't easy. Dustin and I shot at each other until a stray arrow clinched the game for me. Next round Daniel came back with excellant marksmanship and Christian did the same in the next round. It was a four way tie. More stories soon.

The Meadow War --Zach
Prologue: My family moved to this apartment complex where I met my new friend Christian. Daniel also moved there. Dustin was spending the night. I invited them all to an outside war (we had a HUGE meadow in back). The rules were simple. You get hit at all and you're out until the next round. I have a Big Salvo, Dustin has a Max Shot, Daniel has a Nitefinder, and Christian has an AT3K. The war begins. 
                     Round 1: Christian and Daniel immediately start butting heads while Dustin and I watch. Daniel is smart he conserves his ammo, but Christian begins firing wildly at Daniel until he has one shot left. That was to no avail. Around that moment a stray bullet flies by Dustin at the right angle so that it appears that I shot at him. He retaliates by wasting a missile on me at which that point Daniel and Christian get eachother out. When the missile flew by me I quickly pumped the Salvo and annhilated Dustin in a flurry of arrows. End of Round 1. Winner:Zach.                           

    Round 2: Daniel sneaks behind a little tree while Dustin and Christian are battling. I noticed that he went behind the tree so I went there as well. He was turned away from me so I quietly snuck up to him until I was practically right on him. I whispered in his ear "Turn around". When he did he opened his mouth in surprise like he was about to scream. Before he said anything I launched an arrow in his mouth. He looked at mee all wide-eyed and mumbled something, arrow still in his mouth (no I didn't find any chew marks). I peaked around the tree and saw Dustin on the ground with a couple of darts next to him. I turned around and before I knew it there was a dart stuck to my fore head. End of Round 2. Winner: Christian.                                 

   Round 3: Dustin and Christian form an alliance and take out Daniel with ease. Christian used the ability to fire rapidly to create a distraction. Why be distracted? Wouldn't you be focusing on dodging 6 darts instead of one missile? Anyway, while Christian distracted Daniel, Dustin took aim and with one well-placed shot took Daniel out. While Christian was reloading I fired off what I thought would be one shot and killed him. Bad thing is that I got over-excited and pulled too hard on the trigger which fired all the arrows. Noticing I was out of ammo Dustin shot a missile at me. I did a dive closer to one of the arrows reloaded and pumped the gun up within 10 seconds. I fired at Dustin, not to kill, but to distract. While he was distracted I ran closer to the arrows and grabbed the three close to me. I rushed Dustin and cornered him. He had no ammo. He suddenly dropped to the ground, ran between my legs and grabbed a missile. I whirled around and fired 2 of my shots at him. He dodged them all Matrix style and pegged me in the thigh.
End of Round 3. Winner: Dustin.

Round 4: Right off the bat Dustin nails Christian in the crotch. Christian keeled over as I fired two of the arrows at Dustin one after another. The first shot, he dodged Matrix style and then he wasted a missile on me. As the missile passed my ear, just barely missing me, the other more well placed shot got him in the shoulder. At the exact same time I fired my second shot on Dustin, the one that hit him, Daniel fired a shot at me. Lucky for me, that dart was about a quarter inch short of my ankle. Unluckily however, by the time I realized that I just barely dodged his dart he had already reloaded his Nitefinder and tagged me in the shin.  End of Round 4. Winner: Daniel. 

  Round 5: Since everyone has each won a round we decided that we make the last three matches tournament elimination style. Each person has three lives instead of one and as a note nobody cheated. 
 Round 1: Christian vs. Dustin: In the beggining it seemed as though Dustin was going to be the victor. Christian was overconfident because he had more shots, and you know over confidence isn't a good thing. Dustin began the thing by nailing Christian in the temple and then pulled out another missile from a custom holster. Christian then fired a  couple of shots at Dustin. One was dodged, but the other hit him. Barely a second afterwards Dustin shot the second missile at Christian as he picked up the other one. The missile just barely hit him. Christian came back into the game with a vengence. He seemed to be able to pump faster than the average nerfer and seemed to improve his accuracy  
at the same time. He wasn't shy about firing either. Christian now had razor sharp accuracy, a miraculous ROF and was ready to blow his ammo off quickly. He did just that. Christian hit Dustin three out of the four shots he made leaving Dustin with -1 lives left. End of Round 5. Winner: Christian. 

  Round 6: Zach vs. Daniel: Daniel was the first to fire a shot in this round. He rushed me with his Nitefinder, but he couldn't do jack. He shot and I turned the Big Salvo around so that it worked as a shield. To my surprise the dart actually stuck onto the Salvo. I threw the dart and it got him on the chin. Daniel's down one point. I then shot him in the back as he ran. Once that
arrow hit him he whirled around and nearly hit me in the leg. He cocked and reloaded quickly and shot me in the knee. Rinse and repeat once. He's quick with the trigger and the other operations og the Nitefinder. So we're tied one life left each. He was out of ammo so I took the joy in hitting him with two darts. End of Round 6. Winner: Zach.                                                                                                          

Plan Changes: We all agreed that since two of us (Daniel and Dustin) were out that Christian and I can use the  other player's guns. I got the Max Shot and Christian got the Nitefinder. The rules were the same. 

 =The Finale: Christian vs. Zach: For what seemed like an eternity both of us just stood there waiting for the other to fire, although it was only about a min. and a half. Suddenly Christian fired a couple of shots  
from the AT3K. He planned to distract me because after he fired those he shot one from his Nitefinder. I wasn't buying it. I studied his moves and distracting was one of his favorites. Immediately I returned fire with a Max Shot after dodging his darts. My aim was true, it pegged him in the forehead. He then got me in the shin with a Nitefinder. I shot three arrows at him after dodging another of his darts, one hitting me. Sadly I wasted two of the arrows. Only one made it's mark. We then ran around for around 5 mins, dodging darts and arrows, picking up ammo and doing Matrix style moves to psyche the other guy out. Neither of us were ready to give, not after we came this far. I shot at him with another missile which missed by what seemed a paper thin margin. He once again returned fire after cornering me. About as fast as a mantis strikes I had slid down the wall and between his legs. I put him in a head lock and shot him in the cheek. End of The Finale. Winner: Zach.    


Amarouq, our code for ambush was used once but used well.

It was night time, but it didn't matter to us. Our team was holding our position as we exchanged shots. Darts wizzed through the air. Delta and I calling codes and diving through the air to shelter ourselves from the flying darts. We hid behind the pool table in a deep, dark section of the room. I dived back to my sniper position. Then it was said. "Amarouq!" yelled Delta, still resting behind the pool table. We rush out of our places and leaped forward not knowing what to expect! A dart hit me in the shoulder. I dropped my gun while in mid air! Delta and I leaped back to our feet, jumping over the baracade the other team had made. We opened fire on their team. A Powerclip and a SM 750 were unloadded on Alpha and as Chris popped out from a pile of cusions, two shots nailed him in the head from a Splitfire. The deed was done.


I loaded up my arrowstorm, and I also had my SS2 handy. Then I took a brave face, and headed out. Low and behold there he was. My enemy. He gave me a grimace of evil, until then to my sudden horror he pulled out a Tornado. IT was already loaded. He fired and as the ring whoosed at me, my feet like butter, I ducked it. As I heard it smack a tree and knock some bark off. Then I went in with my arrowstorm, I pulled back quickly and the arrow gently glided at him. He had a manta ray, and blocked the arrow. Then I let off three more that were all but helpfull. I had only two arrows left. I whoosed antoher at him. he jumped nearly having the arow skim his hair! Then I let off the last pitifull shot. Useless. I stared then pulled out my majorly modified Sharpshooter 2. My,MY I thought he had a crossbow, and all my arrows now! I slinked by him around the house. I sat popped a coke and drank. Then I got up looking into the hot summer sun. I knew my mission and I had to accomplish it. I then cocked my shaepshooter 2 back and walked around the house I fired one and it hit him square in the head. He was toast a goner!! I had Won! Victory was mine! Until I remeber that indeed there was another enemy of whom I had forgotten. It was a trooper. An experenced one i know. I proceded to run and look. Then as I saw him, he had already fired off the deafening shot from his ballzooka. Somehow, just somehow he hit me. It was all over. Now, I lay dead as a door nail. Helpless. Bu t Irealized I had one more hit left. It was a very slim chance but maybe somehow I could nail him. Him let away 6 balls rapidly. Dodging them with every ounce of energy I made it. I saw he had no other weapons,this was good. He shot 5 more balls of which I dodged with my dead enemy's manta ray. Then running and trick talking him I made him empty out the rest of his ballzooka! I charged him ready for his excution! He ran, but I chased him. I pluged him in the face and watched his legs sink to the ground. Defeated. Which means I had one. He had lost and I had WON! Yay! So whatever you do NEVER give up. :)

By: Scott

It was 3 on 3 after 2 from each team died. My team was just about out of ammo in our fort cuz adam just blasted it all away. I thought they were up stairs, so i ran out of the fort to just grab a hand full of ammo, I didnt think i was invading or going out into a warzone so i just grabbed a secret shot. I walked out there and those bastards were hiding. Toby(bad guy) was in the bathroom with a chainblazer and he ran out with and blasted about 2 and it jammed and the chain fell out , i shot at point blank and he ducked and I dont know where the f*ck he went. Then after that I realized I had walked into a trap. From behind a chair was Greg with a wildfire, unloaded it, he missed all 20, because I dove behind a couch, he pulled out his lock and load. That was it, i knew I was dead. To my rescue came Adam who shot greg on the side of his head with a sm 1500. 1 down. Before Adam could say anything he was shot by toby. I knew It was over if i tried go back to the fort, so I continued on. A inexperienced sniper was waiting on the stairs with a sawtooth and a hiddenshot. I knew I could take advantage of this situation, but Toby was hiding behind a sofa chair with a chain blazer. I ran past toby, he blasted 2 shots= 2 misses. The sniper got off 1 shot while i was running and that sizzled past my nose. I was really close to him and there was no time to prime the sawtooth. He pulled out the hidden shot, too late, right between the eyes, he died. I grabbed an extra micro dart and reloaded the secret shot. No time to think. here came toby, firin like crazy. I ran up the stairs. Shot one down at him..............miss. He ran up as I was reloading, by the time he was up I was ready and we were at a standoff. We were just looking at each other with both guns pointed at eachothers heads, very tense..................he pulled back and the chainblazer jammed and the chain fell out again. His facial expression was worth a thousand, I just looked at him and then shot him in the eye. I won. I didnt know one trip to get ammo with a secret shot was gonna win the war.- KEspin
So the clan came over at my house: zAnG (me), Spyder, Fronch, Apallo, and Twister. We all had CPVCed guns. Zang had his Singled AT2k, Spyder has his BBB, Twister had a Firefly, Apallo had his Quaded AT2K, and Fronch has his Secret Shot. We were playing Elimination. The teams were: BLUE - zAnG, Spyder | RED - Apallo, Fronch, Twister. The rules were: If you get shot 2 times, you are out the rest of the game.
zAnG and spyder dicided to stick together, knowing there was only 2 of them. Zang saw Apallo behind a tree trying to snipe them. Zang ran ahead while spyder stayed behind. Zang saw some stefans coming straight for his head. We dodge every shot - he thought. It was after that when we realized a dart hit his butt. Spyder backed him up by shooting Apallo in the back while he was running. Fronch started now running twards Spyder like a angry boar. Spyder was out of ammo, and zAnG saw the horror. 2 Darts entered spyder leg. Spyder was out. zAnG, with still 7 darts left, and 1 loaded, finished off Apallo with a shot in the wrist. At this point zAnG was screaming and running like a girl, as Fronch and Twister chased him. Now, zAnG only had to be hit once because he had already been shot earlier in the round. As zAnG was running, we was coming up with tactics. zAnG got down, rolled on the grass, and tripped Twister. Zang entered a round into Twisters chest, and then zAnG hid behind a tree. To zAnGs suprise, Fronch and Twister didint see where Zang went. zAnG had 3 darts left. He loaded, and sniped Twister in the ear. Twister was dominated. Now it was only Fronch and zAnG. Zang has 2 shots left, and then wasted them both while trying to shoot Fronch while he was running from zAnG. Fronch still had 4 shots left and while Fronch was running, he saw zAnG was out of ammo. Fronch quickly turned around facing zAnG. Fronch told him "Good Day" and shot zAnG in the chest from point blank. zAnG was rolling on the ground in agony.
Winner: Red Team  
I was at my friends house, Jons and having a war. It was in his basement, and there are 2 parts to it. My team, Dustin (concidence) and me where in the main part. So i rushed to the side of the dor way while they fired a hail of bullets just wizing by me. dustin had an Nf, and I had an secret shot 1 and blast bazzoka (still fireing rockets) we stormed the place with a ton of bullets fireing, Dustin got shot in the head with a stefan , and the rules were 3 lives, you get shot go to base and count to ten. I nailed Jon( that shot dus that right in the fore head, he fell over, on tile. that was both of thier last lives. It was just me and Shaibag left, and he ran like the coward he is. I seen  a bullet fly right by my back,  I ducked an seen him behind me. I nailed him in the head. Now it was 2 lives to 2 lives.
I took my lbb and naild him in the gut, nocked the wind out of him. It was 1 2. He snuck up behind me and shot me. it was then 1 1. A bullet went over my head, and he was actually in front of me this time. I unloaded both shots, he dodged and shot back, I moved to the side of the dart.Picked up his dart, and we both shot at the same time, I hit him, his missed. The winner: MY team. 


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