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Renegade Nerf

Renegade's Arsenal

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Renegade's Arsenal
Nerf Wars
War Stories
HomeMade Weapons


Nerf Guns
1x Atomizer-- stock
1x Double crossbow—modded
1x Expand A Blast—in need of barrel—modded
1x Airtech Jet Squadron – stock
1x Titan—modded
1x Airtech2000—stock
1x Airtech2000—added stock, with removable 4-shot clip
1x Airtech2000--inside MP5 shell
1x Tech Target Gun—in need of barrel- modded
1x RapidFire20—Clip modded with detachable SSPB, and at2k integrated onto it
2x Maverick—one in need of barrel, and one in need of cocking mech
2x Dart Tag Blaster—both modded, one with front handle removed
1x Firefly—Stock
2x Nitefinder—Original, both modded
1x Secret Shot 1—modded
3x Secret Strike Pocket Blasters—one modded, one stock, one with air leak
1x Supermaxx750-- Has small leak
1x Lock N Load-- Modded
1x Big Bad Bow--Camo, in need of barrel
1x Electric Eel--Clip has CPVC barrel
1x Hornet--Micro modded!

Non Nerf Guns
1x Double Shot—Modded
1x Vortex Power Strike—Stock
1x Tek Six—Modded
1x First Shot—Modded
1x MegaMan Gun—Modded
1x Blast Bazooka—Modded, in need of barrel
1x Zing Ring Launcher-- Stock
2x Disk Shooters--Stock
1x RugRats Disk Shooter--Stock
1x Mini BallBlaster Thing--Stock
1x Mech Six-- Stock

Broken/ Guns In Pieces/disassembled
1x Big Salvo-- Broken
1x Blastfire--Broken
1x Secret Strike Pocket Blaster
1x Airtech3000—disassembled
1x Airtech2000--Broken
1x Strongarm-- disassembled
1x FastBlast-- Broken/ A Few Pieces are left
1x Pulsator- Broken
1x SharpShooterII-- Broken

Custom Guns





The home of the (almost) famous Renegade