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Indoor War Tactics

Indoor wars  are fast paced and are generally a lot of fun.

Here are some tips to help your indoor nerfing skills.

1) Use guns with decent range and a good rate of fire.

2) Stay low.

3) Use cover such as couches and chairs.

4) Don't waste your ammo.

5) Try using stealth.

6) If someone shoots and has a single shot gun charge them while they're reloading.

7) Don't underestimate your enemy.

8) Keep track of your ammo.

9) Communicate with your teammates.

10) Don't be stuipid.

11) Aim.


Outdoor War Tactics

Outdoor wars require more patience and more powerful weapons than indoor wars.

Here are some tips to help improve your outdoor nerfing skills.

1) Use guns with a good range.

2) Use cover such as buches and playground equipment.

3) Wear camo clothing to make it harder for the enemy to see you.

4) Conserve your ammo.

5) Communicate with your teammates.

6) Don't overestimate the power of your gun.

7) Keep low.

8) If the enemy's gun has less range than your's use this to your advantage.

9) If you're fast, use your speed to your advantage.

10) Don't be stuipid.


Tactical Positions and articles.

Here's some Nerf Positions and what weapons and tactics are good for them:

"Sniper"/ Sharpshooter: The so-called "Sniper" of a Nerf war has to know his weapon well, and be able to hit his target at "long" ranges.  He is the silent stalker of a nerf war, and can bring his team to victory, or send his team straight to Nerf hell.  Sniper's need patience and must be able to hit any target they set their sights on.  They need to be able to move silently on the battlefield. A real Nerf Sniper can strike fear into the enemy.  It is good to blend in to your surrondings. No you don't need to wear full camo, but it isn't too smart to wear something that completly stands out and can be seen from far away. You should think about where you'll be Nerfing, and dress accordingly. Just wearing darker clothes can help you be more unseen then running around in bright neon yellow.

A Shapshooter/ Sniper need a weapon with good range and accuracy. You must know what your gun can and cannot do.  You mustn't over estimate your gun, or you'll just give the enemy all your ammo. You need to "get to know" your gun. target practice can help you get used to your gun.  Some think you get a long range rifle and you're all set. Wrong. let's say you're in a war. You shoot at the enemy, you miss.  You begin to reload your gun. You are ambushed and shot while reloading.  Every Nerf Sniper needs a sidearm. Some prefer a sidearm with a pretty good range so that none will get near them, while other's want a sidearm with a high RoF. Sidearms will save your life many times in a Nerf War.  Sidearms are also good for "mercy kills" instead of shooting someone point blank with a high powered rifle.

Some good guns for a Sniper include:





Vortex Tornado and Firestorm for Indoor wars

Good Sidearms include:





Lock N Load

Well, I hope this will help your Nerfing skillz.


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