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The Renegade Clip
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The Renegade Clip

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The Renegade Clip Write-Up

I have designed a cheap, easily made, 4-shot gravity fed magazine. It can be taken off and switched with another or flipped to the side, and reloaded . It's basically Zero's homemade breech with a magazine.



1x in. CPVC Coupler

2x in. PVC Coupler

inch PVC

Duct tape

17/32 brass

9/16 brass

Velcro Patches (optional)


Dremel with cutting bit

Video Camera Tape Case


Step one: Cut a small section of 9/16 brass and wrap it in some duct tape.  Place the section into one end of the CPVC Coupler. Make sure it fits tightly.


Step two: Insert the CPVC with the brass facing forward into the PVC Coupler.


Step three: Take the tape Case and dremel out a rectangle slightly bigger than your stefans.



 Step four: Cut out a section of cardboard and place it on one side of the inside of the tape case.

Step five: Cut 2 smaller sections of Cardboard that fit inside the case like so, and position them so they fit your stefans. The Cardboard should fit snugly.


Step six:  Cut a Rectangle in a piece of in. PVC, that’s a tad wider than the Tape Case hole.


Step seven: Place 2 duct tape strips on the tape lid, around the PVC.

Step eight: Place the clip, onto the lid.


This Step is optional: Place some Velcro strips on the PVC and the Clip, to help secure it while moving.


Step nine: Add on another PVC Coupler, and some more PVC like shown.

Step ten, insert a piece of 9/16 brass with 17/32 brass sticking out the end, into the PVC.


Step eleven: Glue the CPVC coupler onto your gun.


Step twelve: Go Out and Nerf.


There, you have successfully made your very own Renegade Clip!


Using the Renegade Clip:


Load the clip with four Stefans.

Close the clip.

Pull the brass out far enough for a Stefan to drop into the chamber.

Push the brass back in.

Pump/ cock your weapon.




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